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Welcome to the news section. Here you will always be informed on new material and changes or updates of this website. On top of that, general informations like the site history and last but not least the mandatory disclaimer and copyright remarks.


Updated the gear page. Basically no new content was added, just adjusted the context.

Updated the former Mountainbike page. It's now called "On my way with road and mountain bike (in German)". Added links to my activity reports and tour tips on my blog and at

05.09.2009: awakens from the slumber and begins with adding a Blog aside this website. In this blog I will collect random notes, thoughts and interesting web finds on photography, Mac, computers and gadgets - sometimes with a hint of outdoor, hiking and biking or simply the daily insanity of the world.
With that I'd like to add a channel for news and temporary stuff while I ponder over the make up and extension of this site as my time allows.

Please follow this link for my blog.

Two new photo entries in the Sky and Stars Galery. One shows a classical shot of the Moon and another one is a deepsky photo of the Great Andromeda Galaxy.

Two new photo entries in the Sky and Stars Galery. One shows the Summer Milky Way, taken high in the Austrian Alps and the second shows a tremendous crawling lightning.

Event Gallery of the 1st AOK Siegerländer Firmenlauf in the city of Siegen online.

Small update of my photo links.

New Photo of the recent total Lunar Eclipse in May in the Sky & Stars gallery. Took the opportunity to style the gallery-Pages Sky & Stars and Still Life with a more appropriate black background.

My gallery main index page received a redesign to better accomodate separate topics of my photography and to have an easier means to add future galeries. Added the new Still Life gallery and the Flora gallery.

The gallery Sky & Stars was updated. E.g. with two composits from the total lunar eclipse of 9th November, which could be observed from Erndtbrück under perfect conditions.

A new gallery is online. In it, I show my potos from the local Airfield Day at Betzdorf/Kirchen. Small update (Brenner and Monochrom) of the photo mailorder page, Update of my lens list in the gear page.

A new gallery is online. In it, I show the first photos from the Oldtimer Fly-In at Hirzenhain airfield.

Update and new entries (Achatzi, Camera-Discount, imaging-one) in the photo mail order page.

The page with information on my gear [only german text] is updated with new pictures and texts about my cameras.

The Gallery Sky & Stars is updated with new photos and got a new Design. Now all photos have additional technical data and descriptions as well as are presented in the new photo page design template, which I introduced with my photos from the airshow in Schameder.
A guestbook is now available. This is at the moment just experimental and only linked from the gallery page. I am very anxious to see, how often it will be used and of what kind the comments will be.

A new gallery is online. In it, I show my photos from the local airshow at Schameder airfield.
Small update (AC-Fotoversand, former Audiophil) at the photo mailorder page.

Very slowly some english translated pages begin to emerge. I admit, that I look after this task with very low priority - but now at least this page, the Phototips/Photolinks start page and the Astro photography page are available in english.
Small update at my Photolinks.

Two new entrys in the Fotoversand-Liste: and interfoto.

The Gallery Russland-Galerie is opened. Here I went a little beyond a pure Gallery and added some bells and whistles in form of graphics and text - have fun. I have also added a little Teaser for the Alpen-Galerie
I decorated the starting page a little for christmas and updated my photolinks page. Who likes to link to my site via banners may do so now... here I have some banner graphics to chose from.
Ich wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Flourish! Finally the Gallery section has come to live. Before, the center of gravity of this website was clearly the service area with tips, links and the PhotoMailorder FAQ. My Galleries "Himmel & Sterne" and "Eisenbahn" are online - have fun!
Some minor updates of the Fotoversand-Liste.

Smaller updates of the Photo-Mailorder-List: Hint for 10 Years Monochrom, Change of status at PhotoClassics (sadly they are taken over). Also a new link on the Photolinks-Page.

Smaller Updates of the Photo-Mailorder-List. Added Mail-Order Oehling from Mainz.

Smaller Updates of the Astrophoto-Page. Brian Rachfords Pages for building your own Barndoor are surfaced again. Added two really good general Astronomy and Astrophotography links.

Relaunch of my newly designed and enhanced Website! After quite some time I felt, that a fresh design got necessary. With that, navigationwise an enhancement of the site should be cared for an a new look should be presented. Proven content like the Photo-Mailorder Mini-FAQ remained and got enhanced (What are Grey Imports, Remarks to the new "Schuldrecht") and some new content was added. This is essentially the Gallery, which will filled with more and more pictures in the future.

Site History:

Yes, I couldn't resist. Because the design of an private homepage was and is to some extent end in itself - out of interest in design and the medium WorldWideWeb. Although presentation of my work is also important. If one can also present a topic in a way which hold useful information for visitors then both sides a profiting. It goes without saying that the presentation of this sites content was and will be always (I hope) in an appealing and professional way.

The current rendition of this website is already the fourth edition. The predecessors can be seen here:

Screenshot Website Version 1

Version 1, plain in Passepartout style, only three pages. Publishe in december 1997

Screenshot Website Version 2

Screenshot Website Version 2

Version 2 shows already some design elements of the current site

Version No. 3 was basically an enhancement of version no. 2 with a Mountainbike section as well as some words on my photo gear and some tips.


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